Brand:HunterDepartment:WomenArea of use:Rubber boots, WaterproofCategory:High boots & BootiesColour:BlackFit:NormalOuter material:RubberSole:RubberHeelheight:2 Bootlength:41,5 Item number:48420-00Hunter Original Adjust Black Anyone who’s at least somewhat interested in shoes and brands must have heard of the very popular shoe company Hunter. This brand was founded in England and has a history stretching all the way back to the mid-1800s. Ever since then they have been producing high quality rain boots and today a pair of Hunter boots is incredibly trendy and popular to wear. Hunter Original Adjust Black is a true classic and although it’s mainly thought of as a rain boot, people tend to wear these in all kinds of settings. Water-repellent rubber Hunter has changed many people’s feelings about rain with their fashionable rubber boots. This particular pair are completely waterproof and they are also very tall to protect a large part of your leg. In order to get the most optimal fit you can adjust the size using the buckle on the back of the boot. Wear these boots at a festival or on a rainy day in town If you want a pair of practical and fashionable boots, you should get your hands on a pair of Hunter boots. They have a classic design and the black colour is perfect for many situations. You can wear them to a fun summer festival or on a rainy day in the park. They are very stylish and easy to match with many types of clothing and outdoor garments. Hunter boots are easy to care for Hunter boots are entirely waterproof and therefore easy to clean and care for. You can simply rinse them off under the tap or wipe them with a cloth. Don’t worry if you notice white powder on the boots after a while. This is just wax that has penetrated up to the surface of the rubber and it’s completely natural. You can easily remove it with a towel or a cloth.Show more.Show less.