Brand:SorelDepartment:MenCategory:Sandals & SlippersColour:GreyFit:NormalOuter material:Leather, SuedeSole:RubberItem number:48398-00Sorel Falcon Rdge Shale If you’re looking for the perfect pair of warm and comfy slippers then look no farther than the Sorel Falcon RDGE Shale as they make for a great choice. No one knows how to make better shoes and slippers for the winter than Sorrel. This Canadian Company has been making high quality shoes for the winter since 1962 for everyone from construction workers to those who enjoy the outdoors to athletes. Due to their Canadian roots Sorel has always known how important it is to have the perfect footwear to keep your feet not only warm, but comfortable when the temperature drops. Suede and wool The Sorel Falcon is a model with a great design that is more reminiscent of a winter shoe than a slipper. This model is made of suede and for the inner lining it has a warm lining of soft wool that will be sure to keep your feet not only warm, but comfortable as well. The sole is very durable for a pair of slippers which ensures that you will always have a high level of comfort when walking around the house or even outdoors. Due to their high standards of design and their sturdy build, many people even enjoy wearing them to work when they are looking for some extra warmth. Warm and stylish slippers With the Sorel Falcon you can easily wear them year round to make sure that your feet are always warm, even on the coldest nights in the dead of winter. Although many don’t think of summer as a time to wear slippers, they can be the perfect footwear when sitting in the garden on a late night when speaking with friends or just enjoying the sunset. Due to their trendy design you can even get away with wearing them on those days when you want extra comfort at work. Take good care of your Sorel slippers To ensure that you keep your slippers as nice as possible for the longest time, it is good to make sure that you let them air out from time to time. One advantage of the Falcon is that the wool lining is antibacterial, breathable and has moisture wicking properties which means that the shoes don’t require an extensive maintenance. If you decide that you would like to give the slippers a wash you can use a mild soapy water solution to clean them up.Show more.Show less.