Brand:CrocsDepartment:ChildrenCategory:Sandals & SlippersColour:Pink, Purple, PatternedFit:NormalOuter material:SyntheticSole:SyntheticItem number:50533-00Crocs Frost Iris Crocs is one of the world’s most famous shoe companies and they sell over 300 million shoes worldwide. Crocs Frost Iris are adorable shoes with motifs of the Disney characters Anna and Elsa from the movie Frost. This is such a popular kid’s movie and little boys and girls all over the world seem to love anything that features these Disney princesses. These shoes are perfect for summer and holiday trips across the globe. Nice cushioning Crocs are affordable and great if you are looking for a pair of practical children’s shoes for the summer. Frost Iris have the classic Crocs design but with an added print that will brighten up your kid’s day. Who doesn’t love Disney? The shoes are made of Croslite which is a lightweight rubber produced by the brand Crocs itself and it’s very soft with good shock absorbing qualities. If you are taking these shoes on vacation in the sun it’s good to know that they are also waterproof. Shoes that are great for summer Crocs Frost Iris are very useful shoes because your children can quickly and easily put them on themselves and head out the door. They are comfortable to wear all day and they can even wear them while playing in the mud or in water. These shoes have a very nice print of Anna and Elsa from Frost which is why they are also perfect to wear on more special occasions such as birthday parties or kids play dates. Crocs children's shoes are easy to take care of Crocs are both waterproof and comfortable, both of which are great qualities for summer shoes, but apart from this they are also very easy to take care of. They are made of a lightweight rubber which means that you can simply just rinse them under the tap if the shoes get dirty. To preserve colour and shape you should try to remember to avoid leaving them out in direct sunlight.Show more.Show less.